May Meetup 2019

02.05.2019 at 19:30 hosted by Tobias Pfeiffer

Paul-Lincke-Ufer 39/40, 10999 Berlin by HeyJobs (

Join us for great talks, nice people, food (there will be finger food) & drinks.

Directions for the little maze of backyards:

To get to the office, please follow the red HeyJobs sign into the 1st backyard, and turn right towards the entrance, which is next to the pizzeria Zola. Please note that we have a very vintage (but charming!) lift, for which you would need to close doors on both sides in order to get it to move. Then, press the 4th floor for a few seconds until it starts moving.

Attendees: (28)

  • Marcello Rocha
  • Tobias Preuss
  • Ian
  • Michael Quaas
  • Dennis Hägler
  • Robin Böning
  • Emba Moussa
  • Sherif Mowafy
  • Michael Reinsch
  • Cameron Prebble
  • Oleksii Fedorov
  • Ildar Safin
  • Carsten Behnert
  • Luca Ongaro
  • Lukas Rieder
  • Christoph Grabo
  • Daniel Alvarez
  • Jan Lelis
  • Daniel de la Cuesta
  • Zhuo-Fei Hui 👩🏻‍🎤
  • Peter Gundel
  • Guilherme Pasqualino
  • letsleaveitempty
  • Armin Pašalić
  • jandinter
  • Tobias Pfeiffer
  • Amr Abdelwahab(عمرو)
  • andy soiron



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